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Lamp Type: Blue LED

Fast average current control

Dimensions: 6"-H x 3.91"-W x 3.59"-D

Short Protection w/ Skip Mode


Ambient Op Temp -40C to +85C

Voltage: Universal 9-60V DC

Pin-compatible with the HV9910B

Watts: 25W

Warn Pedestrians of Oncoming Forklifts

Lumens: 2,250

Visible With High Illuminate Warehouse Lighting

Luminous Efficacy: 90 Lm/W

CE Certified

LED Light Color: Blue

EMC Certified

LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours

EMI Certified


Lighting Configuration:  10° Spot


Amps: 2.09 @ 12V DC - 1.05 @ 24V DC


Ambient Operating Temp Range: -40° C to +80°C


Housing Material: Die Cast Aluminum


Housing Colors: Black


Lens Material: Polycarbonate


Reflector: Parabolic


Mounting: Adjustable Trunnion Bracket / Stud Mount


Wiring: Deutsch IPD / LADD DT04-2P connector


Warranty: Yes - 2 Year*

Blue Spot Forklift Safety Lamp

SKU: lg857
Tax Included
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